Welcome to our new ALISE OPERATIONS site!

We are a company that resells wide variety of RC and Hobby products for several years now on Amazon and eBay. We also provide product selection for crypto miners form 2017 and will start providing 3D printing parts & supplies in 2021. In our store you will find several categories for RC products and we will keep adding more items with time. In coming months, we will have new inventory for GPU risers, new servos for RC cars, and frames for drones.

If you never been our customer before (on Amazon or eBay), be sure to use one of two coupons to make your first order. New customer coupons are limited to 3 time use.

Product sourcing

If you are seeking help in sourcing products from China, we can also offer this service. We have connection with several stable and certified suppliers (general electronics, RC, mining, and more). For a small duty fee, we can arrange a custom order shipping directly to you either via express (3-7 days via UPS/FedEx) or sea fright (20 to 30 days). We are especially love to help small business owners that might not have enough resources or time to find good stable suppliers.

You are welcome to contact us directly from our “Contact us” page – tell us what you need and we will be able to provide you a timely quote.

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