Tattu Plus 3.0 19000mAh 51.8V 25C 14S1P Lipo Smart Battery Pack AS150U

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Tattu Plus 3.0 19000mAh 14S 25C Lipo battery with AS150U Plug, ideal for AltaX drone. Features smart system for data, security, power management.

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Tattu Plus 3.0 19000mAh 51.8V 25C 14S1P Lipo Smart Battery Pack With AS150U Plug

Tattu Plus 3.0 19000mAh

Tattu Plus 3.0 19000mAh (14S series) is a smart drone battery with a unique and exceptional design, featuring an aluminum casing for improved heat dissipation and a perfect seal for waterproofing, especially when applied to agricultural UAV, which effectively prevents the pesticides sprayed from the wings to float inside the battery and keeps the cells from being affected by the external environment. Tattu 3.0 also comes with drawer slides design’s smart external anti-spark device, portable smart checker and LED indicator. It is an advanced high-capacity, best-in-class smart battery for agricultural spraying, VTOL, transport delivery, survey, mapping and inspection drone.

It is created especially for long endurance and high efficiency. Tattu 3.0’s rugged housing and high performance cells provide reliability even in extreme environments. So make the best of your drone’s capabilities. In addition, the on-board battery management system (BMS) notifies you if there is a small change in the battery. The BMS is in control of cell balance, overcharge or undercharge, among other essential conditions, to maximize operating performance and increase the battery pack’s lifetime. BMS is mostly intended for intelligent flight batteries to offer offers security protection.

This battery comes with RA0069-P AS150U conversion cable.

Cell Features: 

  • Type of cell: high discharge cell, high voltage, both low and high temperatures.
  • The density of energy: up to 270wh/kg
  • Life cycle: up to 500 cycles
  • Temperature operation: -40℃ to +80℃ or -50℃ to +50℃
  • Charging current: 3C Fast Charging.
  • Discharging current: continuous current 150A, peak current 200A
  • It has an anti-spark function
  • It also has a plug and play installation.

Structure Features:

  • Shockproof: Shock absorption systems are installed between the cell and the box body and between each cell to reduce or eliminate shock anywhere it occurs. Every shockproof system is isolated from the others, preventing reciprocal attachment and allowing the partial shock to be controlled within a narrow range.
  • Dustproof & Waterproof: This UAV drone battery can have high-level IP security to avoid dust or water infiltration in various applications. Dust is likely to affect the durability and efficiency of the battery.
  • Heat dissipation: The Tattu 3.0 batteries have been designed so that there is heat transfer from the region of high concentration to that of low concentration. It, therefore, does not experience overheating. This is aimed at making the battery operate at its optimum.

Specifications (Tattu Plus 3.0 19000mAh):

  • Item Brand: Tattu
  • Minimum Capacity: 19000mAh
  • Configuration: 14S1P / 51.8V / 14 Cells
  • Discharge Rate: 25C
  • Max Burst Discharge Rate: 50C
  • Net Weight(±20g): 7900g
  • Dimensions: 279 x 236 x 91mm (L x W x H)
  • Charge Plug: Molex-430451600
  • Discharge Plug: Molex-46562-2657 (with AS150U adapter)

Tattu Plus, a smart battery specially designed for UAV. Protective casing give these batteries extra safety during the flight. Power lead is also longer then normal tattu batteries. Indication LED lights of the batteries can let you know how full of the capacity the batteries have when charging. Warning lights to give you indications of the temperature, over/under the charge and cells balance healthy level. These lipo batteries will also go into an intelligent storage mode when you fully charge the batteries and decided to store away. The batteries itself will discharge in the storage mode to keep the voltage at a certain level for storage. The amazing battery management system(BMS) will smartly manage your battery and extend your battery life. This BMS is a trend of Lipo batteries, it’s the new generation of UAV batteries.

Tattu Plus 3.0 19000mAh

Tattu Plus 3.0 19000mAh


  • Suitable for Freefly AltaX, agricultural spraying drone, security mapping, power inspection and other industries.
Package included:
  • 1X Tattu Plus 3.0 19000mAh 51.8V 25C 14S1P Lipo Smart Battery with AS150U Plug

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Tattu Plus 3.0 19000mAh 51.8V 25C 14S1P Lipo Smart Battery Pack AS150U
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